Submit Your Story

We must show as many individual stories as possible to counter the misrepresentation in the mass media.

If you or a loved one was affected by the G20 events in Toronto, June 2010, please submit your story. Follow the guidelines below, and submit a headshot. A photo is not required, but it is important to visually show the range of people affected by the G20 weekend.

Consider submitting your story to Klippensteins law firm in order to assist the pursuit of a public inquiry:



First, Last Initial

Age & Occupation

Purpose of Attendance

Were you at a rally because of a certain cause? Were you a bystander?


A factual account of what you personally experienced or witnessed. If you were there for a long time, give a brief overview with the most important details or events. Do not submit personal opinions or philosophies. Try to stick to around 1000 words.

Overall Experience & Lessons

In a few words, describe the atmosphere of the events or how your views have changed due to your experiences.

Your contact information will remain confidential.